Our Company

Valero Energy Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is an international fuel manufacturer and supplier of transport and petrochemical products with the capacity of processing over 3.1 million of barrels per day.

We are a Fortune 50 company, based in San Antonio, Texas, with approximately 10,000 employees.

Valero operates 15 petroleum refineries with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3.1 million of barrels per day and 14 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of 1.73 billion gallons per year.

Our products help build the streets and highways that connect our cities and towns and the fuels we produce help you to get to and from your job and go where you want to go.


Our Industry

The refining industry produces fuels that power cars, trucks and buses that take millions of people every day to their jobs and schools.

The refineries manufacture the petrochemicals that make up thousands of products such as construction materials, computers and medical equipment.

Our industry makes life better, safer, much healthier and, above all, feasible. In North America, the refining industry has the capacity to process more than 22.1 million barrels of crude oil per day in 137 refineries (1.6 million in 6 in Mexico, 1.9 million in 14 in Canada and 18.6 million in 117 in the United States). This includes more than 220 petrochemical facilities.

It contributes nearly $ 600 billion dollars to the US economy annually; as well as making important investments in innovation, technological advances and efficiency in their processes to reduce the impact on the environment.


Map of Operations


Our Vision

Valero is a premier manufacturer, distributor and marketer of quality transportation fuels and petrochemical feedstock, while serving the needs of our employees, communities and shareholders


Guiding Principles


Safety is our foundation for success.


We produce environmentally clean products and are committed stewards of the environment.


We share our success with the communities where we live and work through volunteerism, charitable giving and the economic support of being a good employer.


We consider our employees a competitive advantage and our greatest asset. As such, we provide them with a safe and rewarding work environment with opportunities for growth and personal development.


Our shareholders are our partners to whom we pledge to deliver operational excellence, disciplined management of capital and long-term value.


Major Logistics Operations

We own and operate logistic assets that support refining operations, including crude oil pipelines, refined petroleum products pipelines, terminals, tanks, marine docks, truck rack bays and others.

Major logistics operations